Client Testimonials

“Dear Attorney Roman: I would like to thank you and your firm for the exceptional work on my case. A journey that began with great fear and inhibition has come to closure with appreciation and contentment. I will never forget the patience and transparency that you have practiced throughout the settlement process. Your meticulous explaining of every detail and forewarning of every hurdle, made this experience bearable . Professionalism at its best is what I have experienced at Hill & Associates. I highly send my recommendation to any person who wants the best representation from one of the most distinguished plaintiff’s law firms in the United States.”

J.D. Stevens, PHD

“I still can’t believe how much the fabulous job you guys did for me. You guys really are the best. Whenever I am up in Philadelphia, I’ll stop by the office.”

Hector Ortiz

| Work Place Injury Victim

“I am writing this letter to express my endless gratitude to you and your staff. After my fall I really wondered how I would ever be able to recover for of the damages I suffered. All of you worked so fast and kept me informed with everything that was going on. Without your help, the insurance company would have taken advantage of me. You got me the justice that I feel in my heart that I deserve.”

Katie Miller

| Fall Victim

“We just moved to California last week, but I just wanted to write and thank you once again for all you did for my daughter. You literally changed our lives forever…”

Zhi Chung

| Parent of Injury Victim

“I am impressed with the way you handled the jury at my trial. I didn’t know so much passion could come from someone on my behalf. You really cared about me.”

Stanley Chung

| Workplace Injury

“Thank you so much for helping me so much! I am lucky to have you for my lawyer. My tragedy was the hardest thing I ever had to go through. I would have never made it through rehab without your support. Although money isn’t everything, I can at least live the rest of my life without worrying about my bills. I would definitely refer you guys to anybody who needed a good lawyer.”

Anthony and Sarah Williams

| Severe Auto Accident Victim

“Leonard, keep up the good work. I really want to thank you for the great result that you were able to obtain for my dad. This case has been a long hard journey, and I am glad that we won. You will forever stay in my prayers. Tell Susan I said hi—and don’t work so hard.”

M. Nettles

| Trip and Fall Victim

“You did a great job on my case. Go Eagles!”

J. Greenbaum

“Everyone at your firm was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I didn’t know what to expect in the beginning, but your staff walked me through the process. I couldn’t be happier with your firm’s service and attention to detail.”

Mrs. Martha Evans

“I was completely satisfied with your service. I liked that you returned my calls whenever I left a message for you. And I appreciate the fact that you moved my case along quickly.”

Mark Weinstein

| Injury Victim

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