Are You Suffering from Motorcycle Fatigue?

Posted in Motorcycle Accidents, Safety on November 7, 2016

Driving a motorcycle requires your full attention. A motorcyclist can’t relax very much while riding a vehicle that has two wheels and handlebars. When motorcyclists ride several hours a day for days at a time or ride with a sleep debt, they increase the likelihood of a fatigue-caused accident. The Role of Fatigue in Motorcycle …

5 Tips for Safe Tailgaiting in Philadelphia

Posted in Pennsylvania, Safety on October 17, 2016

For every Philadelphia Eagles fan, football season just isn’t complete without tailgating. Tailgating is a time-honored tradition at the Lincoln Financial Field, where fans gather before the game to celebrate the team with food, games, and booze. Pre-gaming with a tailgate party is one of the best ways to show your support of the Eagles. …

Sporting Events – Who is Held Responsible for an Injury?

Posted in Law, Safety on July 18, 2016

Sports are a huge part of American culture, and going to sporting events is a regular pastime for many Americans. However, what do you do if one of the players injures you at a sporting event? If a foul ball or stray hockey puck hits an attendee, he or she may be eligible to file a personal injury …

Autonomous Driving – How Safe are Self-Driving Cars?

Posted in Safety on July 7, 2016

Technology evolves daily in the modern world, and the self-driving car is one of the innovations drawing closer to the market. Formerly found only in science fiction stories, Tesla and Google are spearheading the movement to make autonomous cars a reality in everyday life. Despite the amazing science behind these vehicles, they inherently pose several serious questions about safety, …

Asbestos and Premises Liability

Posted in Medical, Safety on June 23, 2016

Landlords are required by law to disclose information about their properties that may harm their tenants. Older buildings may have health hazards like lead-based paint and asbestos. Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate that builders used in flooring, roofing, and other home building materials because of its natural flame-retardant capabilities. The U.S. has since banned its use for commercial …

The Snapchat App: Encouraging Distracted Driving More Then Ever

Posted in Safety on April 30, 2016

Snapchat’s “speed filter” – a screen filter that tells the user how fast he or she is moving at the time of the snap – has led to more and more people getting into distracted driving accidents. Even though the Snapchat filter warns users to never to try the speed filter while driving, users disregard …

The Summer’s Dangerous Family Event

Posted in Safety on April 20, 2016

We may think roller coasters, carnival rides, and amusement park rides are fun parts of our summer family vacations, but do you know the daunting statistics behind roller coaster deaths and injuries? Unfortunately, thousands of injuries – and deaths – result from malfunctioning roller coasters every year. Brain Damage When you hear the words “brain …

How to Spot Nursing Home Abuse

Posted in Safety on April 10, 2016

Nursing homes are legally obligated to provide for the mental, physical, and psychosocial wellbeing of residents. This is what we expect when we leave our loved ones to the care of nursing home employees. Sadly, there is no guarantee that the staff will care for our loved ones properly. If you suspect that staff members …

My Dog Just Bit Someone!

Posted in Safety on March 20, 2016

All dog owners hope they’ll never be involved in a dog-bite accident, especially one that results in serious injury or death. From the moment your dog bites someone, you have legal responsibilities you need to be aware of to protect your rights and your animal’s future. If your dog has just bitten someone, follow these …

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