Can I Sue If I Trip on a Sidewalk in Philadelphia?

Posted in Pennsylvania, Personal Injury, Slip and Fall Accidents on September 18, 2017

Philadelphia isn’t known for its perfectly manicured landscaping and sidewalks. In fact, you’re likely to trip over a crack in the sidewalk at some point in your life. If you sustain an injury for a trip and fall accident within the city limits of Philadelphia, you may be wondering whether can you sue the city …

What Is No Fault Auto Insurance?

Posted in Car Accidents, Pennsylvania on August 7, 2017

In most car accident cases, the driver who was not at fault for an accident will file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. The other driver’s insurance company will evaluate the claim and determine whether their client was at fault, then pay out on the policy accordingly. In many cases, liability-based insurance claims …

Can I Sue After a Bar Fight in Pennsylvania?

Posted in Pennsylvania, Personal Injury on July 10, 2017

Bars are for drinking and drinking causes lowering of inhibitions and sometimes aggressiveness. So it is not unusual for fights to erupt among patrons, especially those who have imbibed more than they probably should have and are somewhat impaired. Consequently, people do get hurt in bar fights, sometimes seriously. Blows to the head and falls …

What Are My Legal Rights If I Was Hit by a Car While Walking?

Posted in Pedestrian Accidents, Pennsylvania, Personal Injury on July 3, 2017

Walking is great exercise and a pleasant, healthy way of getting around. But when pedestrians and motor vehicles share the roads, a pedestrian being hit and seriously injured by a car or truck becomes a real possibility. As seen by our Philadelphia car accident attorneys, a car hitting a human body is likely to cause …

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

Posted in Pennsylvania, Wrongful Death on June 19, 2017

Pennsylvania law defines “wrongful death” as any death the negligence, recklessness, or unlawful action of another person causes. It may be helpful to think of wrongful death like a personal injury claim the decedent could have made had the accident not resulted in his/her death. Wrongful death claims center on the same theory as personal …

Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Requirements

Posted in Car Accidents, Pennsylvania on June 12, 2017

Every driver in Pennsylvania must carry adequate vehicle insurance at all times. Failure to carry appropriate insurance can lead to tickets, fines, and legal trouble. You may even have your license suspended and car impounded. It can be difficult to know exactly what types of insurance and coverage minimums the law requires, as well as …

Slip and Fall Lawsuits in Pennsylvania

Posted in Pennsylvania, Personal Injury, Slip and Fall Accidents on June 5, 2017

Slip and fall injury claims are some of the most common lawsuits in the civil court system. Slips and falls can happen anywhere. Your local supermarket, a friend’s house, a shopping mall, the workplace – at any moment, you could suffer a personal injury from a slip, trip, and fall. After this type of accident, …

Daniel’s Law and Distracted Driving in Pennsylvania

Posted in Distracted Driving, Law, Pennsylvania on March 20, 2017

Distracted driving has long been a problem on Pennsylvania roadways. Though talking and texting is banned, ticketing and verbal warnings have done little to deter drivers from using their phones while driving. However, a new piece of legislation aims to change that. Below, our Philadelphia car accident lawyers explore Daniel’s Law in greater detail. In a unanimous …

Pennsylvania’s Guidelines for Self-Driving Cars

Posted in Car Accidents, Pennsylvania on March 6, 2017

What started as the makings of science fiction is becoming a reality. Self-driving cars are leaving the Google campus and auto showrooms and headed to our roadways. Autonomous vehicles have the potential to help save lives and prevent injury by eliminating human error, but we have much left to discover about them, including who is …

How to Make an Injury Claim Against Pennsylvania

Posted in Pennsylvania, Personal Injury on February 13, 2017

Personal injury claims against government employees, officials, and agencies differ from claims against private citizens. While Pennsylvania receives a certain degree of sovereign immunity, current laws include a set of exceptions to sovereign immunity listed in Title 42 Section 8522. When Individuals Can File Claims Against the State If the following personal injury incidents involve …

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