Daniel’s Law and Distracted Driving in Pennsylvania

Posted in Distracted Driving, Law, Pennsylvania on March 20, 2017

Distracted driving has long been a problem on Pennsylvania roadways. Though talking and texting is banned, ticketing and verbal warnings have done little to deter drivers from using their phones while driving. However, a new piece of legislation aims to change that. Below, our Philadelphia car accident lawyers explore Daniel’s Law in greater detail. In a unanimous …

Sporting Events – Who is Held Responsible for an Injury?

Posted in Law, Safety on July 18, 2016

Sports are a huge part of American culture, and going to sporting events is a regular pastime for many Americans. However, what do you do if one of the players injures you at a sporting event? If a foul ball or stray hockey puck hits an attendee, he or she may be eligible to file a personal injury …

When Religion Meets Medical Malpractice

Posted in General, Law, Medical on June 27, 2016

Across the country, there is an increasing trend for large hospital entities to absorb smaller chains under their umbrellas. An estimated 600 hospitals across the United States are Catholic, and more are associated with other religions. When religion and healthcare mix, some worry that health outcomes suffer. Do religious practices in hospitals force doctors to …

What Is the Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations?

Posted in Law on June 17, 2016

When we talk about the law, we often refer to what’s known as a statute of limitations. Statutes of limitations apply to both civil and criminal charges. Simply put, they refer to the timeframe in which a party is eligible to seek legal action. In the case of filing lawsuits, it refers to the timeframe in which a …

Can I Legally Film the Police?

Posted in Law on May 18, 2016

As the media continues to publicize controversial recordings of police officers in action, more and more people are taking out their cameras during police interactions. In Pennsylvania, however, filming the police may not be entirely legal. What Does the Law in Pennsylvania Say? Nationwide, courts have not uniformly recognized the right to record police. While …

I Was Sexually Harassed by My Boss; is the Company Also Held Responsible?

Posted in Business, Law on March 5, 2016

Sexual harassment in any capacity is a complex issue, but when your boss sexually harasses you, it’s complicated even more by your employment. Worrying about job security, professional ramifications, and personal damages is difficult enough without also wondering whom to hold responsible. What to Do After Sexual Harassment If your boss has sexually harassed you, …

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