Dangerous Drugs

Nuplazid Linked to High Number of Deaths

Posted in Dangerous Drugs on April 24, 2018

A new drug for Parkinson’s disease that was rushed through FDA approval in 2016 has proved since then to be spectacularly profitable – and also, according to some, deadly. The drug is pimavanserin, manufactured by Acadia Pharmaceuticals and sold under the brand name Nuplazid. Deemed a “novel drug” by the peer-review journal, Innovations in Clinical …

What Is Stevens-Johnson Syndrome?

Posted in Dangerous Drugs, Personal Injury on September 25, 2017

Your doctor may prescribe a medication because he or she believes it will effectively control the symptoms of a medical condition. Each medicine comes with risks and benefits, and your physician prescribes a medication when he or she believes the benefits outweigh the risks. Unfortunately, some medications can lead to severe and life-threatening side effects. …

What to Do If a Drug You’re Taking Is Recalled

Posted in Dangerous Drugs, Personal Injury on September 19, 2016

When patients take over-the-counter drugs or medications prescribed by doctors, they never anticipate the drugs might cause them serious harm. Unfortunately, drug manufacturers make mistakes. Sometimes mistakes are slight, such as detached needles on syringe kits for diabetics. In other cases, drug defects can cause severe health effects and wrongful death. If a manufacturer has …

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