Brain Injuries

Fall on Hazardous Sidewalk Leaves Pedestrian with Brain Damage

Posted in Brain Injuries on May 30, 2018

After her fall on an unkempt sidewalk led to brain damage, Leonard Hill carried out justice for Paulette Isaac. When Paulette Isaac awoke in Jefferson University Hospital with her neck buckled in a collar and her temples pulsing from the most excruciating headache of her life, all she remembered was stepping out of her husband’s …

What Is an Acquired Brain Injury?

Posted in Brain Injuries, Personal Injury on August 21, 2017

Through our work as Philadelphia brain injury lawyers, the legal team at Hill & Associates, P.C. has seen firsthand that traumatic brain injuries are some of the most significant wounds people can experience. Brain injuries often affect many aspects of life including cognition, problem-solving, speech, language, sensory processing, personality, sleep cycles, and how the body …

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